Kingdom of Theitor - II

Theitor is the solar system from which came the kainal race, so it's regarded as the core of the realm. The star is a red giant of spectrum class K5 III, and has a superficial heat of 3700 C. It's fifty times the Sun in diameter. At the moment it has seven planets, but they should have been many more before the star expanded.

Tharandel, along with twin planet Larandel is the "nerve centre" of the whole kingdom. Due to tidal forces, both planets have an ever flooded hemisphere (while the other is swamp-like), as well as an odd time-tracking system. Tharandel and Larandel are physically connected by a colossal orbital lift, linking halfway to the biggest spaceport of all system. Capital city is Hilenar, the only town that spreads on two planets, built around both lift bases.


They're all neuter, as men and women are equal in Theitian society, and each one matches an army rank. I will use the male pronouns anyway, for simplicity's sake.

Riye: king or queen, supreme leader of all armed forces.

An-riye: consort of king or queen. Doesn't have a military match, usually one commander per family is enough.

Lan: prince or princess, not chosen as a successor to the throne. No army matches, usually the lans marry other nobles. They get a fief equal to a Kilend and could eventually become the regent (elenei) of a kingdom sector.

Shenn: crown prince or princess. It's not an army rank, as the shenn is supposed to become next riye, but will be war-trained anyway. Gets his own fief.

An-shenn: consort of a shenn.

Elenei: family member of the royal dynasty, often a former riye, ruler of a kingdom sector. No army matches, and it's not a hereditary title.

Emechlar: Great Fleet Admiral of Tharandel, chief commander of Theitian space fleet. He owns a Mechland, fief including a solar system. Not Theitor's system which is a personal domain of the riye. Promotion to emechlar doesn't imply a gain of property.

Mechlar: Star Admiral, rules over a whole solar system (Mechland). The emechlar is sorted out of them.

An-mechlar: consort of a mechlar. When two nobles of the same rank decide to marry, each one keeps his own rank, fief and title.

Kile: Planet Admiral. He rules over a Kilend, a fief including a planet or satellite. Obviously there are more and less wealthy Kilends...

An-kile: As you could guess, consort of a kile... When an army officer marries a fief ruler, his title precedes his actual rank, that's usually lower (ex. an-kirith major Shennan)

Malar: Admiral or Major General, rules over a Maland - a fief that's usually 1/4 of a Kilend wide. A kile has four malar subordinates.

Kirith: General. Ruler of a Kirind, which spreads over about 1/4 of a Maland.

Teal: About the same rank as the kirith, but he rules a frontier territory. A Teand is as wide as a Maland, but it's not part of a bigger fief so the teal's not a subordinate ruler. Such freedom of action is necessary, as the Teands are often problematic and unruly countries.

Reifel: Star base commander or the like. It's the test bed of freshly-appointed nobility (usually decorated army officers with hidden traces of Taladaar powers). A Reifend is a rather small fief, variable in size but not much bigger than a town with its surroundings.

Saan: Title due to all nobles that won't inherit a fief. Most of them choose an artistic or scientific career.