Kingdom of Theitor

Theitor is one of the most ancient realms of all the Empire. Some say it lasted for about 15000 years and surely it has been ruled by many dynasties, which got over a number of crisis. The predominant population belongs to the kainal race. The govermnent organization is of a military-feudal kind, in which every feudal title matches an army rank. The chief commander, the Admiral of Tharandel, is usually chosen with great care as he's the main candidate to succession in case the reigning dynasty dies out.
Theitian architecture presents many odd features, such as the widespread use of partition walls made of crystal and filled with water (sometimes coloured), seaweed and fish. They also fill their homes with floating bubbles of various substances, or use force fields to shape the water itself. Therefore, as the kainal people like to spend a lot of time in the water, every house has a sort of shallow swimming pool instead of a living room.

Every fief ruler has great autonomy, as long as he keeps the law of the realm and doesn't neglect his duties. Each fief provides starships and troops to the royal army. There's no draft, but being rasied in a martial environment, a lot of theitian people volunteers. The kingdom is hostile to the neighbouring realm of Arnamel. Theitor's allies are Anthira, Aryes, Altair, Gysis, Vorl and the Terran kingdom.

The king is in charge of all the armed forces and secret services, so the heir is chosen mostly according to his (or her) martial aptitude. Obviously not all noblemen are inclined to army life, so those who can't inherit the fief are free to choose their desired career and often get married abroad. Men and women are equal in every respect, and seniority is not required to inherit a domain. Taladaar advisors or Noemi priestesses usually make the choice instead of the parents.

The Theitian kingdom includes about 400 stars and is subdivided into five big sectors, each one ruled by a regent from the royal family:

- Theitor: ruled by riye Daran Kelevan Railyan Eyn Herian.
- Antoran: ruled by emechlar Lorna Minnal Kalesta Eyn Herian, aunt of Daran, and by elderly elenei Lyra Sylanna Rhilia Eyn Heryan.
- Denis Yame: ruled by elenei Aleksandra de lay Varnar, Daran's grandmother.
- Thamitel: ruled by elenei Emezloude Ronnula Rilya Eyn Herian, Daran's elder sister.
- Elnesy: ruled by elenei Kair Jenarel Kalmach Eyn Herian, father of Daran and former riye.
The present queen (or an-riye, neutral title assigned to the royal consort) is Isis Aminel Valenyi Eyn Kalar. The royals have three children: shenn Hillimeth, heir to the throne, lan Raenel, fief owner and would-be musician, and lan Sylanna, their youngest sister, who's a fine arts student on Heirenall.