Altarion Empire's capital is situated on garden-planet Anthalanor, where Shaix lives and the Council usually meets. The imperial districts are divided into a great number of realms, republics and theocracies of all kinds. However, not all of them have a seat in the Imperial Council. Only fifty founder realms - some of them collecting even hundreds of solar systems - traditionally share that privilege, the others usually delegate their affairs to their favourite councillor.
Besides, there are many independent systems that parted from the Empire in different ages, and some planets that are trying to do the same for their own reasons.
Some of the realms are fighting each other for territorial, commercial or ideological reasons, and a couple of them would willingly rebuild the Empire under their guidance. Alliance networks change frequently, and the prestige of many governments relies on their swaying military and diplomatic strenght.
Most of the central area of the Galaxy is considered unexplored territory, as it has been isolated for thousands of years, so hundreds of legends flourished about it. Usually they think that it's impossible to explore that region, because all the connecting leys collapsed, but some Taladaars assert that a few ancient starmaps show some still open passages.

Kingdom of Theitor
Kingdom of Arnamel
Firennian Theocracy
Kingdom of Sol
Realm of Alraith
Kingdom of Nalkin
Kingdom of Porinicca
Muneeran Republic
Kingdom of Dragella
Federation of Taam

Kingdom of Anthira
Kingdom of Chreetmos
Kingdom of Gysis
Kingdom of Visian
Kingdom of Vorl
Thendarian Republic
Surullian Trust
Realm of Zel
Kingdom of Aryes
Chareru Theocracy