Job: mercenary
Age: 26
Height: 1,83m
Hair color: dark brown
Eyes color: dark brown
Race: Terran
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Zaleeya's of Somali origin. We don't know a lot about her past, but she seems to despise men in general. Doesn't like ladies' wear, high heels and make-up, and absolutely cannot stand children.
The symmetrical ivory drawings on her cheeks are genetic tattoos, made changing the DNA of specific skin areas so that the cells produce the desired color. It's an expensive cosmetic practice, so it must have a deep meaning for her. In the Schwarze Ritter squad, Zaleeya usually works with Kemra.

Tall, thin but strong, she likes to compete with the men of her team even on the plain athletic level. She's a skilled and well trained scout, silent and deadly. Her hidden flaw: she's ill-tempered enough to take part in most of the brawls and street fights that happen around - and sometimes she's the one who starts them. Zaleeya drinks a lot, usually beer, and can get quite nasty afterwards.
Her clothes of choice are rather plain, yellow and white are her favourite colors. She likes ethnic jewellery.