Full name: Zadra Hillimeth Arnisia Eyn Herian
Title: Shenn (crown princess) of Theitor
Age: 23
Height: 1,74m
Hair color: ruby red
Eyes color: blood red
Race: Kainal
Zodiac sign: Aries

Born in 10405, she's the elder daughter of King Daran of Theitor and his wife Isis. She has a younger brother named Raenel, and a teenage sister, Sylanna, who's a fine arts student. She is also first cousin of Helystyal, Hasselon and Elijana's (royal families tend to cross-marry). Her friends call her Zadra, but the imperial nobility and her subjects know her as shenn Hillimeth.
She loves fencing and martial arts, and trained in it while playing holographic RPGs with the Royal Guard's weapon master. She always wished to travel incognito, but rarely manages to do it because she has to lose her guards first. Zadra sleeps underwater whenever she can (skin moisturizing's essential for beauty). Alcohol makes her fall asleep very quickly.

Taladaar powers: first class destructive powers, based on energy blasts, force fields and space warping. While using a Taladaar focus device, she can create and go through a planetary ley, or locate and partially control space distortions. If properly trained and with the help of a Taladaar major focus, she could set up new interstellar leys, or displace and even collapse the existing ones. Unfortunately, there's a side effect to her powers: when she channels too much energy she often gets carried away, switching to a hawkish and sometimes evil personality. The red "tattoo" on her right arm is a seal imposed by Draliten priests to lock most of her psi potential. When she breaks the seal, Helyss has to put her to sleep and restore it before she does too much damage.

Zadra's well known for her fighting spirit, she's resolute and sometimes stubborn, and digs challenges. She's fairly adaptable and likes to associate with every kind of people as long as they're interesting fellows. She prefers to wear casual dresses, her favourite colors are red and black, and somewhat she developed a strong liking for blonds. Despite her "vamp" attitude, she never had a true relationship. She has plenty of friends, and some of them are quite shady.
Zadra's been formally promised to prince Zutir of Vorl, but doesn't want to marry a coward so she's waiting for an opportunity to break their engagement.
She's bloody scared by spiders and spider-like creatures.