Full name: Vinnel Samaryen Nyselye
Job: mercenary
Age: 25
Height: 1,72m
Hair: silver
Eyes: light blue
Race: Anthiran
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

An anthiran girl in a mercenary squad is an unusual sight, since her people's not a known warlike race. It's even stranger if that girl belongs to an ancient and respected noble family. At first sight she has nothing to do with her chosen professional setting. She's friendly, cheerful, smiley. But they say she hides a dragon's temper under her polite look.
To be honest, her warrior personality is quite violent and prickly. Luckily, she freaks out only when she needs it, when she's in danger or during her army drill.

Taladaar powers: none at all. Maybe it's one of the reasons that made her leave her family.

Vinnel's primary strenght is her good skill in martial arts. She's good with blades too, especially with the parjal (her clan's favourite weapon). She's a good pilot in air or space, but she hates land vehicles.
Vinnel also looks deceptively weaker than she is. She doesn't appreciate Anthira's sophisticated fashion and often wears plain terran-style clothes. She likes cold colors and metallic fabric that compliment her silver hair. She also had metallic lines painted under her eyes as permanent makeup.

Vinnel is totally self-confident. She has dreams of wealth and glory but she's not keen to apply herself to work. Besides, she's incostant and moody and has no self-control. She always speaks her mind, with no regard for consequences whatsoever.
She's always chasing after handsome men and is much more interested in nightclubs than in culture. Despite her early physical attraction for Jan Kemeny, she quickly came to hate his attitude and personality, rejecting any chance of a date with him. Instead, she could possibly start an affair with prince Raenel or Sand Aneiryn. I would endorse her going out with pirate Halkar Kilaain, though.