Title: prince consort of Vorl
Age: 47
Height: 1,80m
Hair color: light reddish brown
Eyes color: hazel
Race: Vorlian
Zodiac sign: Virgo

Husband of Queen Aryllana of Vorl, Duke of Khilteen, father (or so they say) of crown prince Zutir. Born in 10381, he married Aryllana after her engagement with Daran was broken, and absolutely hates her natural sons Darim and Danor. He would gladly stop the Vorlian tradition of the "official secret lover", but I guess the queen wouldn't agree.

Taladaar powers: latent, medium class.

He's also known as "Shovor the Boring". Fussy and annoying, he seems incapable of enjoying himself and likes to spoil other people's amusement. Taking advantage of Aryllana's carelessness, he banished all professional soldiers and disbanded the army only to please Prince Zutir who fears all trained warriors. He's been trying to persuade her to sponsor Peace Caretakers for the last five years.