Job: Mining tycoon
Age: 28
Height: 1,79m
Hair color: light brown
Eyes color: grey-blue
Race: Vorlian
Zodiac sign: Gemini

Born in 10400, offspring of a wealthy Vorlian family. Raita's awfully rich, stingy and boring. She owns about a half of the mining asteroids in the Araleg system. Her wealth appealed to Queen Aryllana, who chose her as a fiancée for her eldest son Danor. She joined the W.G.U. anyway, at first as a sponsor and then to find a way to overcome Danor's hostility (even with the use of brute force, if necessary). For Vorlian standards she's nearly an "old spinster", so she's in a hurry to get married. She's aiming to Prince Danor or, as an alternative, to Anthiran ambassador Jehen Kamalthe. Raita's a colonel in the WGU and leads the Financial section, as she's able to gain money from whatever activity.

We already know that Raita's a boring person. She's totally rational, realist and practical up to pedantry. She's intelligent, ambitious and merciless when it comes to business. However she totally lacks sense of humour and imagination. Everything has a monetary value for her, even feelings.
On the other side, Raita's utterly vain and fond of appearances. She loves jewels, gems, elaborate hairstyles (her own was designed by Princess Emezloude) and she spent an awful lot of money for cosmetic surgery. She also has an amazing knack for getting invited to parties in all the Empire. She could go so far as to blackmail someone just to sneak in a court reception...