Job: mercenary officer
Age: 34
Height: 1,70m
Hair: green-blond
Eyes: yellow
Race: kainal
Zodiac sign: Aries

She comes from a well-to-do kainal family that lives on planet Elaye, in the Dontan system. Her father was a geologist, her mother a shopkeeper. When Ophelia was 19, the colony turned against its Theitian ruler, and her family was ruined due to the embargo that followed. A few months later, when the rebellion was suppressed, planet Elaye's financial status returned to normal, but Ophelia had already left. She went into trouble with the imperial law a few times, and had a couple of affairs that ended badly because of her. After that she joined the Odin Division and shifted her personal ambition towards military career. Ophelia thinks she deserves more than her current lieutenant rank, but she's proud to be a member of an elite unit.

Taladaar powers: limited telepathy, induced by brain implants. Before being enlisted, she had been working for the imperial communication network. She cannot read other people's thoughts, but sometimes she can pick up interstellar data transfers. Which is probably one of the reasons why Jan wanted her to join the Schwarze Ritter.

Ophelia's nimble, quick and athletic, and is also stronger than she looks. She has an outstanding tolerance of fatigue and psychological stress. Her good marksmanship and leading skills made her the ideal second in command for Jan Kemeny's squad. To tell the truth, she would cheerfully step on his toes, as she totally despises him. Looks like some of the captain's most colourful nicknames are Ophelia's creations. About it, word is she suddenly started to hate him after a couple of dates.
Ophelia's a perfectionist and often appears materialistic, opportunist and pitiless, but she has a softer and feminine side that she could be willing to show. She loves children, and has a special fondness for Inanna. Besides, she is completely aware of her own beauty and likes to display it. She has expensive tastes and is not afraid to spend her money. Apparently she gets along well with Vinnel, Nelma, Zadra and Ialen, but does not seem to be a big fan of the Emperor she's supposed to rescue.