Job: Army hospital nurse
Age: 22
Height: 1,71m
Hair color: blond
Eyes color: light blue
Race: Terran
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Also called "Leo" by her friends. Born in 10406 in the terrestrial colony on planet Galadriel, she's of pure Terran origin. Her father is a surgeon who managed to find her a job as a military nurse in the Odin Division. She's not too smart, and is likely to mess things up, so other nurses constantly keep an eye on her. Her role in the Division is mostly decorative anyway. Joined the W.G.U. - in the medical section of course - when she noticed that her beloved Julian Linz wasn't paying her too much attention.

Leonira's actually very pretty, but her main flaw is in her brain. She's abysmally, irreparably silly. Let's say, she owns a single pair of braincells that never joined forces. Her typical sentence: "I can't understand anything!" Adila and other Odin doctors never trust her for medical treatments.
After all, only a real scatterbrain would keep running after a guy who clearly told her that he's in love with another man. That's the reason why Gillia doesn't even regard her as a rival...