Job: mercenary
Age: 27
Height: 2,05m
Hair color: blond
Eyes color: light blue
Race: Terran
Zodiac sign: Leo

Kai's a Swedish bodybuilder with a liking for survival courses. For some years he's been a soldier in the Terrestrial Colonial Army. He left to join the Odin Division, because he thought his skills were being wasted. After a brawl during which he tried to beat up his future commander, he was enlisted in the Schwarze Ritter elite squad. He's been assigned to machine gunner task and is quite happy of that. He's always chasing after all the pretty girls, but somehow he got engaged with his Aranay partner, Jelana Darall. Luckily enough, she's not jealous.

Let's say it: Kai is RUDE. It's one of his most conspicuous features, just after his height and muscles. He believes that the best way to impress a woman is to speak loud, to tell a lot of dirty jokes and, most of all, to show his strenght beating down every possile rival. Passing over this unexciting attitude, he can be rather matey.

Kai loves making noise, especially of that kind involving massive weapons. He often carries an excessive supply of ammunitions and grenades, just to point out that his strenght allows him to do it. He's quite uncomfortable having to work with female soldiers. Against all evidence, he still believes that all women are weak and frail (all but Jelana, of course). Kai truly dislikes Jan Kemeny, but at least shows a certain regard for his fighting skills. Doesn't mean he managed to get over his defeat in that brawl...