Title: Count of Zalinia
Job: Taladaar apprentice, geneticist
Age: 79
Height: 1,87m
Hair: black
Eyes: dark violet
Race: Alraithian
Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Sir Kaailan belongs to the Alraithian nobility, and he clearly shows all the distinctive traits of genetic vampirism (sharp teeth, slow aging, stunted blood cells regeneration). He joined the decayed Taladaar Order hoping to facilitate his own genetic project. Kaailan spends most of his time researching the hereditary flaws of his people, and trying to separate the vampirism gene from the ones that give them their exceptional longevity. He's been married but divorced when his wife started showing homicidal tendencies. At present he's in love with Amneris Dartmoore. He's fairly enigmatic, quiet, and those who don't know him often label him "the haughty one".

Taladaar powers: latent.

Sir Kaailan's a man of many talents. Most of all he's a scientist. He studied medicine, biology, genetics, military engineering and archaeology, yet he's not had time to delve into most of those subjects as he would like. Additionally, he dabbles in some artistic activities. He dislikes conflicts and fighting, so he tries to get along with as many people as possible.
Kaailan often wears tunics or soft fabric shirts in neutral colors as gray, brown or black. He's well-dressed but never garish, and does not try to look impressive. He's more clever than strong, and usually no one can trick him. Has a tendency to self-analysis because he fears the subtle psychic degeneration that sometimes occur in his kind. Despite his education, he strongly and irrationally dislikes philosophers and theologians.