Job: mercenary
Age: 21
Height: 1,80m
Hair color: blue-black
Eyes color: blue
Race: Terran
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Julian comes from a good family and lived in the Martian colony of Skadhi until he chose another way of life. Actually, one day he left his family and girlfriend without any known reason and travelled to Earth to join the Odin Division. The same evening he got involved in a brawl at the "Heinlein's Pub", and was utterly impressed by Jan before knowing that he was the commander of the "Schwarze Ritter" elite squad.
Julian is hopelessly loved by Leonira, an Odin military nurse, but also his former girlfriend Gillia joined the W.G.U. hoping to marry him.

He's wonderfully skilled with firearms. He's one of the best snipers in the SR and usually works with Kelteu Riilzal. Julian's not really extroverted but a lot of people likes him, perhaps because he looks younger than he actually is. Unfortunately, he is of age and hates having to point it out.

He easily gets into trouble as he's bold but quite rash, and can't stand any gossip about his commander. He can come to blows for rumours that Jan doesn't even take into account, and some of his fellow soldiers make fun of this attitude. Julian likes pets more than people, so he's the one who takes care of Galaxy, the squad's mascot cat.