True name: Reiner von Hantelmann
Job: mercenary officer
Age: about 28
Height: 1,95m
Hair color: light blond
Eyes color: pale grey
Race: Hybrid Terran
Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Born on Mars in 10400. He works for the Odin Division and is the commander of Schwarze Ritter elite squad. His father, Arthur von Hantelmann, was a Terran Army colonel. His mother was a spy from Arnamel. The two died during a flight accident when Reiner was eight years old, so he and his sister Ellen were raised by their uncle Michael. At the age of 16, Reiner tried to join Terran army, but was rejected, and shortly afterwards he and Ellen disappeared. But after a few weeks, a Jan Kemeny enlisted in the Odin Division's lower ranks. From then he made his way to the rank of captain.

Taladaar powers: apparently none, but strange events tend to happen around him and telepaths usually cannot read his mind. That is convenient, as he holds a lot of secrets... He also seems to have a "supernatural" skill for grasping and overturning the plans of his enemies.

Jan appears so cold that his soldiers nicknamed him "Captain Iceberg". He always looks people straight in their eyes, and that's quite unsettling due to his chilling gaze. His self-control is nearly perfect, he fears nothing, and usually other human beings hate him. Even those who at first are attracted by his handsome appearance can't stand for long his lack of emotional reactions.
Besides, he's so charismatic an officer that his soldiers would follow him to hell. Just don't ask them to like his personality.
Jan likes every kind of fighting, always dresses in black, and usually appears nastier than he actually is. That's why he has only one true friend, space pilot Haazel Lyssaran. In return he has plenty of enemies.^^
He is also a single - he's quite popular amongst the recruits, but no girl dates him twice.