Title: High Priestess of the Order of Noemi
Age: 10
Height: 1,20m
Hair color: light blond
Eyes color: pale grey
Race: Hybrid
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

She was born in 10418 and lived all her life on planet Anthalanor, within the walls of the Temple of Knowledge. Her mother was a Noemi priestess, and none of the other priests ever mentioned her unknown father. Anyway, she was able to identify him by some clues ^^, but when she tried to arrange a meeting her fellow priests chilled her, as they clearly regarded him as an "antisocial debauchee". Shortly afterwards, former High Priestess committed to meditation and Inanna took on her role.

Taladaar powers: medium level telepathy, but she was also gifted with a peculiar "oniric communication" power. She can enter other people's dreams, pulling their astral form in a "lucid dream" state. This way, she can speak with the imprisoned emperor Shaix. When she's dreaming or meditating, she can see the "sleepers" as marble statues, but they cannot see her or remember anything unless she or another conscious astral traveller touches them.

Inanna's still a child, and children are candid and innocent, right?
Not completely true. Well, she's basically good and kind-hearted: she loves people, nature, animals. But sometimes Dad's heritage surfaces. Looks like she has her secret plans for everyone, and she actually knows much more than she tells about the Taladaar order and the "unknown" enemies our rescue expedition has to face.