Full name: Helystyal Elnyara Miirnaju Altan
Title: crown princess of Anthira
Age: 23
Height: 1,78m
Hair color: electric indigo
Eyes color: electric indigo
Race: Anthiran/Kainal
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Born in 10405, she's the daughter of queen Tyelene of Anthira and prince Shetar of Theitor. She's half-kainal, so she has limited water breathing ability. She has an elder brother, prince Hasselon. Her outstanding powers made her the Crown Princess after the usual psi test. From her adolescence, Helystyal had all the court intrigues in her hands, until her mother arranged her engagement with Prince Nilcrane for reason of State. Unfortunately she couldn't find anything worth of interest in her fiancè's mental patterns and resolved to run away.

Taladaar powers: first class telepathy and mental control. She could take control of nearly anyone she can see, and even reshape their minds permanently. But usually she limits herself to take a glance at their mental patterns. With a Taladaar device, she can understand even the "thoughts" of inanimate objects and connect to distant people, provided she has already met them once. Even the priestess who tested her powers cannot understand their full extent, as Helystyal also gives out a screening aura.

Helystyal appears to be diplomatic, fascinating and quite harmless, but she can be really sly and is much more dangerous than people think. She loves intrigue, meeting people of all kinds, and losing her head over handsome guys. She plays a silver harp and always takes it with her. She's called Helyss by her friends.
Helystyal's also sentimental and prone to fall in love, perhaps because she can see the hidden sides of her "bad companies".