Title: prince of Anthira
Age: 26
Height: 1,85m
Hair color: blue-black
Eyes color: dark violet
Race: Anthiran/Kainal
Zodiac sign: ?

Elder brother of princess Helystyal, son of queen Tyelene and Shetar, he's half-kainal and consequently has limited water-breathing ability. Born in 10402, he was rejected as heir to the throne when his baby sister showed her outstanding powers. He wasn't too upset of that choice, as he wouldn't like dealing with diplomacy and Imperial Council meetings.

Taladaar powers: just one. He cannot be found when he wants to stay alone. People and even electronic devices cannot see, hear or otherwise perceive his presence. Only Lunere Sabice - a WGU girl in love with him - always manages to find him, no matter where he is hiding. And sometimes his cousin Raenel can locate him from his aura. Hasselon could be the ideal spy...

Some people call him "the shifty one". He owns some secret hideouts, and often lives there. One of his favourite places is a palace built inside a moon, orbiting around a gaseous planet of Theitor's system.