Job: freelance space pilot (usually)
Age: 25 (maybe)
Height: (about) 1,99m
Hair color: light blond (apparently)
Eyes color: aquamarine (as a rule)
Race: Ellesy (almost certainly)
Zodiac sign: Aquarius (supposedly)

Haazel was born on Tareisel, a planet of the Ellshaix system that's the homeland of an ancient matriarchal society. He's an individualist and cannot stand any duress, so his family always deemed him a troublemaker. After an odd experience with an ancient demon-flower (a semi-intelligent plant creature known as the "Age-old Green") he left his planet and found a job in a space rental agency. Usually he knackers out his employers, but Helystyal doesn't seem to worry for his bewildering space-navigation style.

Taladaar powers: None. But, like nearly every Ellesy man, he can calm down demon-flowers, to harvest their fruits without getting eaten. Not really useful when you aren't dealing with that specific plant...

Haazel is rather moody. As a rule he's kind, friendly and unconcerned, and tolerates people and circumstances that many others couldn't stand. His behavior is often misunderstood, and as a result some people don't like him. He tends to mind his own business and shrinks from committed relationships. Usually he has at least three or four girlfriends at a time, because each one has a bright side that he loves - but never enough to marry her.
Haazel's maddening elusive when he speaks, and never gives a logical or definite answer to a question. He's landmark-phobic and hates timetables, rules and flight paths, so it's difficult to figure out how he could arrange a meeting or reach his destination on time.
Oddly, he will make friends with Jan Kemeny right away.