Full name: Haar Jerauwel Glarin Eyn Herian

Born in 10154, son of Darsil and Talanna. He was called "half-elf" due to his Anthiran features. For many years he was an inveterate bachelor: three generations of Vorlian queens tried to get married with him. His first official fiancée was a fifteen-years-old princess Kurenia, in 10211. He played for time for about 15 years until she had to marry another nobleman. In 10234 he became Riye of Theitor. Not long afterwards, in 10249, he was engaged with Kurenia's daughter, princess Nyrlina.
Sick and tired of waiting, eight years later Nyrlina settled with Darim I, but Haar agreed to be the future husband of her firstborn legitimate daughter. Luckily for him, that same year he married Tiya - otherwise he could have become Tinnial's husband.

He had two children, Raenel I and Lyra, who was promised to prince Vorkal of Vorl. Haar died in 10338, assassinated with his heir Raenel by a Tyelar terrorist. Due to Lyra's elopement, the crown went to his grandson Kair.