True name: Ellen von Hantelmann
Job: embassy official - Leader of the W.G.U
Age: 25
Height: 1,70m
Hair color: golden blond
Eyes color: apple green
Race: Hybrid Terran
Zodiac sign: Taurus

Also nicknamed Ester, Este or The Leader. She is Jan Kemeny's younger sister, but at first sight they don't look similar at all. She was born in Brielder, a martian colony, in 10403. When she was only 13, she disappeared with her brother to come back with a new identity a few weeks later. She picked up new names for both mixing an art catalog with a love story she read, and a shady friend of her uncle Michael managed to manipulate Altarion's DNA archive. After that she went to Rome, graduated and entered diplomatic service. In 10424 she founded the W.G.U (Women's Galactic Union), organization of marriageable girls that started as a friends circle. Being really good at finding new sponsors, now she's the Supreme Leader of an interplanetary lobby that includes some powerful industries and a publishing house. She didn't leave her job anyway, so she is still the assistant of terrestrial ambassador Daniel Feinn.

Taladaar powers: apparently none. Like her brother Jan, she has never been tested for them. But she could hold mild persuasive telepathy, which is supported by a natural acting skill.

Ester's an extrovert and has an enthusiastic, sometimes mawkish personality. Looks like she only wants to get married - and possibly to drive all of her acquaintances and relatives to do the same, starting from her reluctant brother. Ester can look utterly crazy when she plots forced weddings, but nevertheless has a first-rate brain. She often tricks people into underestimating her intelligence.
One day, while working in the realm of Visian, she happened to meet local army officer Kentriss Aveldan, and one-sidedly decided that they had to marry. She has a lot of friends, mostly unmarried women from all the Galaxy.