Full name: Elijana Darsina Zimenda Zazanfa-Frallshe
Title: Lelinna (crown princess) of Gysis, walking calamity
Age: 17
Height: 1,61m
Hair color: blond
Eyes color: light blue
Race: Gysandian/Kainal
Zodiac sign: Leo

Born in 10411, she's the only daughter of king Jero Zazanfa-Frallshe and queen Alyanor. Since her mother is the sister of royal twins Daran and Shetar, she is related to Zadra and Helyss as well. She doesn't appear to have her cousins' water-breathing ability, I guess Gysandian genes are prevailing in her.
At the age of ten she became infatuated with her cousin Raenel, and is still annoying him sometimes. Luckily her main love interest shifted towards zevo Kevar Amedon Uscalula, a Gysandian nobleman. She enthusiastically joined Esterina's WGU, and is still one of its main sponsors.

Taladaar powers: a minor, odd version of Zadra's space-warping ability. Apparently, she's linked to a plane where the laws of physics are whimsically distorted. She can make strange and often silly things happen, like making grass grow on someone's boots, forcing an interstellar radio station to broadcast her favourite songs, and so on. Usually her cousins don't care for her harmless jokes, but if she loses control of her warping aura she could mess up communications, computer programs and even other people's powers.

Elijana, or Elie as her friends call her, has a quite enthusiastic personality. Unfortunately, she's also totally egocentric, intrusive and rowdy, and always speaks in a bothersome high voice. She's been pestering the Gysandian court from her childhood, reshaping fashion, furniture and cooking to match her preferences. She loves to be the center of attention, and gets really upset when someone ignores her.