Full name: Darsil Kelevan Eyn Herian

Born in 10108, died in 10262. First riye of 120th royal dynasty of Theitor, former Admiral of Tharandel, he came to the throne at the age of 53 when the last king of 119th dynasty died. So the reign of Eyn Herian family dates from 10161.
When Darsil was 30 years old he married an Anthiran princess, Talanna Helystyal Eldhiel Altan, and in 10154 she gave birth to their only child, Haar Jerauwel Glarin, who had clear Anthiran features. Darsil and Talanna arranged an engagement between Haar and princess Kurenia of Vorl, in their first attempt at merging the two kingdoms. Darsil abdicated at the rather elderly age of 126.