Full name: Daran Kelevan Railyan Eyn Herian
Title: Riye (king) of Theitor
Age: 60
Height: 1,87m
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: violet
Race: Kainal
Zodiac sign: Gemini

Second son of king Kair of Theitor and Miran Jenet, twin brother of Shetar, brother of Emezloude and Alyanor. Born in 10368, he was chosen as heir to the throne only many years later, when it became clear that his twin would never accept an arranged marriage. Actually the choice was a difficult one, as they show identical psi powers.
Regent Yerina of Vorl arranged his engagement with her daughter Aryllana, but instead in 10405 he married Isis Eyn Kalar and was crowned the same year. He has three children, Zadra, Raenel and Sylanna, but queen Aryllana still pesters him every time they meet.

Taladaar powers: medium class, well trained "ley-travel" skill. He can only move through lesser leys [4-dimensional wormholes] anyway, such as planet surface ones or interplanetary at best. He cannot take others with him.

Apparently Daran's calm and seraphic. Actually, he doesn't love diplomacy and court receptions, so he often leaves them to Isis and Emezloude and travels through his kingdom under a fake identity. He doesn't really want Zadra to marry Prince Zutir, so he's secretly supporting her mission against his wife's will.