Title: prince of Vorl
Age: 23
Height: 1,90m
Hair color: ash blond
Eyes color: light blue
Race: Vorlian/Anthiran
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Danor's the eldest son of queen Aryllana, brother of Darim, stepbrother of Zutir. He was born before the queen got married, and his alfar features and slightly pointed ears suggest that his father could be the handsome ambassador of Anthira, Jehen Kamalthe. His birth was used as a pretext by Daran, who wanted to break his engagement with Aryllana. Danor's officially engaged with a Vorlian tycoon, Raita Devi Maln, but after their first meeting he clutched at any excuse to avoid her. He's a good friend of princess Hillimeth's.

Taladaar powers: medium class radiation immunity. It's unknown if he is naturally shielded or his DNA can repair radiation damage.

Danor cannot stand the Vorlian court, so he's often out with his own starship and followers. Prince Zutir fears him, so his mother tried to drive him away making him marry Raita, but he prefers to live in his estate on the planetary ring of Radorien. The palace's in a high radiation level zone, but most of his followers are moector, a race which has good radiation resistance. Danor's straight, independent, he doesn't like to submit to others' will. He's absolutely not diplomatic and his frankness often scandalizes the nobility. Most of all, he's the only one who dares to oppose Zutir.
King Shovor doesn't trust him, Zutir utterly hates him, in his family he gets along well only with his mother and Darim. Countess Astalia hates him too, and in return he cannot stand her and her WGU friends.