Title: countess of Urney
Age: 15
Height: 1,68m
Hair color: very light blue
Eyes color: chestnut
Race: Vorlian
Zodiac sign: ?

Adopted daughter of Kelendo and Ardolos, born in 10413. She's a natural child from a noble family, who was acknowledged by neither of her parents. She has a stepbrother, Ardolos's natural son Savor. Astalia enthusiastically joined the W.G.U. after her relative Princess Nemeia. She's not engaged yet, but took a fancy to Prince Darim. Has a skill for property managing, so in the WGU she's Raita's assistant.

Taladaar powers: latent, luckily.

She grew up with two fathers and no mother and came out spoilt, stubborn and shrewish. She's of perfect marriageable age for Vorlian customs, but didn't find a single guy who could stand her for long. Surely Prince Darim cannot. Astalia's totally quick-tempered and is the kind of girl who throws furnishings at others when annoyed. She hates her ever-seraphic adoptive brother Savor.