Job: army officer
Age: 50
Height: 1,89m
Hair color: dark blond
Eyes color: blue-grey
Race: Hybrid Terran
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Son of Reinhard von Hantelmann and Amelia Meyer, brother of Michael. Born in 10380. Being related to Meyer family - the descendants of princess Lyra - he made friends with prince Daran of Theitor. At the age of 18 Arthur enlisted in terran Army as an officer and two years later he married a beautiful Arnamelian woman, Athrynn Lemihan. This marriage marked the end of his friendship with Daran. In 10401, after the birth of his elder son Reiner, he got his first promotion. By the beginning of Sol-Arnamel war, in 10409, he was already a colonel. Terran Army suffered some severe and unlikely defeats, so when an intervention by Theitor and Anthira ended the war Arthur was charged with high treason. Athrynn, who turned out to be a spy, persuaded him to escape, but their ship exploded and they have been considered dead since then.

Good strategist but, unfortunately, too much trustful with people he loved. He never thought that his wife colud deceive him that way, and even after the war he chose to run away rather than report her treachery.