Full name: Amneris Arshtah Lilien Dartmoore
Job: archaeologist, Taladaar apprentice
Age: apparent, about 25. Real, uncertain
Height: 1,75m
Hair color: natural dark green
Eyes color: dotted emerald green
Race: Terran, probably hybrid
Zodiac sign: Taurus

Amneris was born of a Terran noble family, about two centuries before Zadra and Helyss. She grew up utterly bored due to her family's obsessive control, so at 16 she ran away from home and began making a living of her notable skill with computers. She often went beyonds the edge of lawfulness, becoming a notorious hacker. Shortly afterwards she was approached by the Taladaars, who suspected her skill being partially due to her psychic powers, and joined the order as an apprentice. After some years, her branch of the Taladaar Order was wiped out by unknown enemies; she survived because her master sealed her in a life-suspension pod, from where she was released a pair of years before the beginning of the Altarion story. With Kaailan and other fellow Taladaars, she's playing the archaeologist role to secretly collect the vestiges of the ancient knowledge of her order.

Taladaar powers: first class, well trained. She's a powerful empath and understands by instinct how life and machines work. She can somewhat take control of machinery, plants and lesser animals. She can repair broken devices and electronic equipment, provided she has materials to shape and mix. Likewise, she can heal wounds or illnesses, even deadly ones if she's quick enough, or regenerate severed limbs, but she still has to take cells from a compatible donor.
When using a Taladaar focus device, she can heal/repair using whatever kind of material she can find. Some say her powers could even quicken or slow down aging up to true immortality.

She has a peculiar, somewhat archaic personality and a tendency to use an out of date or technical idiom. She likes to pose as mysterious too. Amneris has the patience of a saint, but when she loses it she can be really dangerous. She makes a pair with Kaailan.