Full name: Alyanor Kiradia Rilya Eyn Herian
Title: Anakari (queen) of Gysis
Age: 45
Height: 1,72m
Hair color: lilac
Eyes color: chestnut
Race: Kainal
Zodiac sign: Libra

Youngest daughter of Kair Eyn Herian and Miran Jenet, born in 10383. Sister of Daran, Shetar and Emezloude. In 10409 she married king Jero Cemitor Zazanfa-Frallshe, and two years later had her only daughter, Elijana.

Taladaar powers: latent

Frivolous and whimsical, although born from Theitian parents, she's now Gysandian in the heart, and shows it with her lilac-dyed hair (her true color would be pinky-brown) and her colorful and gaudy clothes. She even adapted every Theitian dress of hers to Gysandian gelatinous fashion. She clearly feels at ease in her new environment...