Title: Reifel of Yarel
Job: Medical officer
Age: 32
Height: 1,70m
Hair color: blonde
Eyes color: light blue
Race: Hybrid Terran
Zodiac sign: Pisces

Born on Earth in 10402, she's the only daughter of reifel Roland Meyer (a Terran descendant of Theitian princess Lyra) and his wife, the Hamalian noblewoman Reenet Gaemyr. Her parents would like her to become an idle and spoilt noblewoman, and would marry her to some rich and snobbish suitor. Unfortunately, when she was 13, Adila lost her head over her second cousin Reiner and decided she would take care of his health. She was confused for a while when he disappeared, but in 10418 she enrolled for medicine anyway. She graduated four years later and specialized in surgery. Then, in 10424, Michael von Hantelmann told her the truth about her cousin, and she joined the Odin Division to be with him again. In 10426 she became the medical officer of the Schwarze Ritter elite squad.

Adila's rather good at her job. She's also good at discouraging the soldiers who lay hands on her. Her main weakness is a liking for complicated men. The more they are antisocial, wary and ill-tempered, the more she likes them. She loves Jan Kemeny, but will finally give up and dedicate herself to haunt another misanthropic soldier, Belgor Heserad.
Adila wears glasses because she's longsighted, she could have her sight surgically corrected but loves the intellectual air the glasses give her. She's a little overweighted too, but doesn't worry about it.
Adila also leads the WGU medical team, with the rank of major.