People that settled in Vorl's solar system. It's very likely that they are Amathial's people descendants. They have thick bronze skin, light or dark, and light-colored hair. Most of them have white or iridescent hair, but they like eccentric dyes. Their eyes can be of any color except red and purple. They are of medium height and their common lifespan is of about 65 Imperial years, but they quickly age only in their last few months. They prefer a dry environment and clean themselves with ultrasonic showers.

Vorlians become of age at 15, and that's the age at which they usually get married too. Families are often big and, let's say, wide as usually every adult has an "official" lover and at least one natural child. But they think it's very rude to reveal the name of that lover in public.
Vorlians are generally peace-loving people, but they are obsessed by their body shape. Gym training is a social duty for them, and those who aren't in good form often wear clothes with applied fake muscles. They also eat only healthy, natural food.

Vorlians are good architects and their cities often float above the deserts. They peacefully share their capital system with a native but uncommon race, the Thyn'kaii.