Native people of Parovia. They splitted into two realms thousands of years before the beginning of the story, because the colonies were separated from their fatherland by the "void barrier". They settled in the Daliri system and their Caletan realm has been part of the Altarion Empire for more than 10000 years, but they were never truly happy with their vassal role. On 10428/3/8 of New Imperial Age they proclaimed their independence and named their government "New Parovian Republic". Soon after, they started to destroy all foreign buildings and technology, killing all the foreigners who weren't able to leave the planet. The Empire put an embargo on their territory, and sent some warships to watch the leys. They are presently at war with the neighbouring realms of Vanalai, Kaala and Zoan.

Parovians are an omnivore egg-laying race, with three sexes and green-blue blood. Males are mostly warriors and military leaders, females are scientists and they actually rule the planets under the Republic cover (nearly all of the Parliament members are females). Neuters are the bigger part of the population, and they do all the work and fill the lesser ranks of the army. Parovians' skin is rock-like, coarse and thick, with bone plates to strenghten it. They have three nostrils that efficiently filter the sand and two thumbs on each hand. Females have white and blue skin and black eyes, males have black and silver skin and orange eyes, neuters have blue and pink skin and red eyes and are stocky and strong. All Parovians have feet that allow them to run fast on the sand and are heat-resistant, so they prefer to live on arid planets. Average height for males and females is 200 cm, for neuters is 180 cm. Their average lifespan is of 185 imperial years.

Parovians don't care for art and beauty, except for jewels. They actually don't need to wear clothes, but they do it anyway to show their job and rank. Females are the most clever, they are in charge of all the scientific development. Tech level is good, but technology is mostly hidden. Neuters are stubborn, quite dull and they are easily manipulated by their leaders. All Parovians are hostile to foreigners and despise cultural contaminations.
They often use obsolete-looking weapons, such as spears and hammers, enhanced with hi-tech energy fields. Caleta's frequent sandstorms forced them to avoid all the long-range weapons built with moving components, such as guns and rifles.