Race native of planet Hirniss in the Almarna system. In general they are good-looking, similar to Anthirans in build and features. They have golden skin, almondshaped eyes and fairly big and pointed ears. However they show rather ordinary hair colors, ranging from platinum to black without any oddities. They are rather short and usually don't exceed the height of 1,75m (or 5'7"). Their common lifespan is of about 130 years.

In spite of their pleasant appearance, they are generally regarded as unlikeable individuals, as nearly all of them use to play stupid tricks on people they meet, whatever their race, rank and cultural level would be. Aradyy are genetically reckless, don't have a sense of proportions and usually don't restrain themselves, neither from endangering others with their jokes nor from exceeding the patience limits of non-Aradyy people.

Their present ruler is Aiten Miirnaju, a relative of the royal dynasty of Anthira.