Native people of Anthira's solar system. Most of them have light blue skin, fine but strong hair of any spectrum color and pointed ears. They are informally called "Alfar", or "elves" by Terrans. A few of them have black, blue-shaded skin. They are called "dark Alfar" and usually don't like foreigners. The hybrid children from the two subraces tend to have deep blue skin. The life expectancy of an Anthiran is of about 200 Imperial Years (210 Terran years). Nearly all of them are good-looking from birth, and the rare awkward individuals often resort to cosmetic surgery.

Anthiran people have a tendency to intrigue and complicated love affairs, and most of them are very curious. Anthiran society is liberal and tolerant but absolutely not anarchic. They love arts and every form of beauty more than comfort and convenience. Usually they are quite peaceful, but their warrior side can be fearful; they are well trained for war and even the ones who live abroad find time to practise their traditional sword dance. Every clan has a weapon of choice, usually some sort of blade, but martial arts and archery are widespread activities too.

The "dark Alfar" despise foreign influences and habits, and would likely drive away all the strangers (including King Shetar) to preserve their civilization from any interference. Some of them clearly oppose the Altarion Empire too.