The Elitharn Chronicles

Elitharn is a campaign world we created for our D&D game sessions. It soon became a setting for a comic series, obviously. Main Altarion characters became the deities of Elitharn, just because we thought it could be fun. So, Zadra here plays the role of the Goddess of Fire and Destruction, Helystyal is the Goddess of Water and Beauty, Kaleya is the patron Goddess of pirates, etc. Jan Kemeny was split in two characters: one is Mornain of Elvalen, mercenary and main hero of the first chapter, the other is Syrnal, warrior God of the Frozen Lands.
Elitharn is a sort of magic parallel dimension of the Altarion world. We had projects for five episodes, but Elena never finished her one. I started a remake of "The Haunting Flames" only a few weeks ago, as the old version was in black and white and the overall quality of drawings didn't satisfy me. Maybe I'll fix and complete Elena's chapter too. Someday.

Chapter I: The Haunting Flames